Please note that not all templates support resizing without reboot reliably. If you need to revert this change, set allow_resize_without_reboot=0 and ensure resize_without_reboot_policy is set accordingly (if it exists on your database schema in the templates table).

The allow_resize_without_reboot setting is only used in newer releases if resize_without_reboot_policy is not set or is not set correctly. Refer to the Hot Resize page for more information.


How to update a template to allow resizing without reboot?


All OnApp versions


To update the template to allow resizing without reboot:

  1. Log in to the OnApp database:

    update templates set allow_resize_without_reboot=1 where id=X limit 1;
  2. Replace x with the correct template found in the UI.

Additional Information

Check if there are virtual servers using this template prior to the update. If yes, you can also update these virtual servers as required using the following command:

update virtual_machines set allow_resize_without_reboot=1 where identifier =' XXXXXXXX' limit 1;

The VS identifier can be found in the address bar when viewing the details of a virtual server in the UI.