When resizing a virtual server disk on LVM storage, the following message appears:

"Error running lvchange: LV onapp-e4jsf92mjh6wk7/e7salolw28scol has open snapshot backup-hsak2e90z2m2jt: not deactivating\n"


All OnApp Cloud versions using LVM data store


  1. Log on to the server listed in the failed log.
  2. Run lvdisplay to find the VS disk on the data store: 

    lvdisplay /dev/onapp-e4jsf92mjh6wk7/e7salolw28scol -

    (When looking at the storage API error, the server IP is listed in the call and the data store and disk identifier are specified in the URL. For example, Datastore/<datastore identifier>Vdisk/<disk identifier> ).

  3. Check the LV snapshot status: 

    /dev/onapp-e4jsf92mjh6wk7/backup-hsak2e90z2m2jt [active]
  4. Run lvremove and try to remove the snapshot:

    [root@hv1-onappCorp ~]# lvremove /dev/onapp-e4jsf92mjh6wk7/backup-hsak2e90z2m2jt 
    Can't remove open logical volume "backup-hsak2e90z2m2jt"
  5. If you get the following error, try to find the process that is holding the snapshot open or check if the snapshot is mapped or mounted:

    [root@hv1-onappCorp ~]# lsof /dev/onapp-e4jsf92mjh6wk7/backup-hsak2e90z2m2jt 
    [root@hv1-onappCorp ~]# mount
  6. Use lvremove again. The output is as follows:

    Do you really want to remove active logical volume backup-hsak2e90z2m2jt? [y/n]: y. Logical volume "backup-hsak2e90z2m2jt" successfully removed

Additional Information

Sometimes you can see the error about a -real device. If you cannot locate a snapshot, try checking the dmsetup tree. For more information on handling -real type errors, refer to the dmsetup remove Failure page.