How can I change the scheduled backup start time for an auto backup?


Here are some examples of the MySQL queries to set the daily backups to queue at midnight, weekly at 2 AM, and monthly at 4 AM:

update schedules set start_at = DATE(start_at) where period = "days"; 
update schedules set start_at = DATE_ADD( DATE(start_at), interval 2 hour) where period ="weeks"; 
update schedules set start_at = DATE_ADD( DATE( start_at), interval 4 hour) where period ="months";

Additional where clauses, such as where period= "days" and target_id=23 is used to narrow the scope if needed. The date/time specified is always GMT.


Currently, backups are scheduled to start at the time of the day they were scheduled. To modify it, alter start_at to the day and time that you need the backup to queue next in the schedules table. In this table, target_id depends on the target_type column if target_type is VirtualMachine, Then the target_id referenced is virtual_machines id.
If target_type is a disk, the target_id referenced is the disk# to be backed up. To find the disk#:

  1. Go to your Control Panel > CloudVirtual Servers menu.
  2. Click the required virtual server's label.
  3. Click the Storage tab and select Disks.
  4. On the page that appears, in the Label column, the required disk# is provided.