When executing recipes on a Linux-based VS, you can check what commands are being executed or where the recipe has stuck by doing the following:

1. Recipes always run by root, under a session, and with no tty. To identify the PID of the further process for a recipe, find the process under your processes list:

[root@cpinstall ~]# ps aux | grep notty
root       887  0.0  0.1  97944  2992 ?        Ss   12:51   0:00 sshd: root@notty
root     12964  0.0  0.0 103240   872 pts/0    R+   13:11   0:00 grep notty

2. After it has been identified, follow the process using the pstree command. This will create a dynamic view of the process:

[root@cpinstall] watch -n1 "pstree -H  887"

     │        └─qmgr
     │                                      └─yum───sh───rake───{rake}

Your process is executing sh───rake───{rake}. Go back to your recipe and check the full command. This is the command which has been executed:

rake onapp:password[admin,root_password]

The correct command should have been:

rake onapp:password[admin,$root_password]

The process has stuck due to the incorrect command.