How to resync VMware Cloud Director with OnApp?


OnApp 5.2.x (and later) with VMware Cloud Director integration


In order to run a full resync of VMware Cloud Director with OnApp, run the following commands on your OnApp control panel server:

[root@onapp ~]# cd /onapp/interface ; RAILS_ENV=production rake vcloud:resync_clean
[root@onapp ~]# cd /onapp/interface ; RAILS_ENV=production rake vcloud:resync

The first command will remove any orphaned assets from your OnApp environment.

The second command will ensure your OnApp and vCloud Director environments are both up to date.

There is a cron job that is running this on a daily basis:

[root@onapp interface]# cat /etc/crontab |grep resync
0  1 * * * onapp cd /onapp/interface ; RAILS_ENV=production rake vcloud:resync
15 0 * * * onapp cd /onapp/interface ; RAILS_ENV=production rake vcloud:resync_clean