How to organize network and data store zones for vCenter?


6.3 and earlier OnApp versions


When you first import a vCenter compute resource, OnApp places all networks (dvPortGroups) into a single network zone. Your data stores are also placed into a single data store zone.

In OnApp, zones are logical groups of resources. Either compute, network or data store zones. Zones are important in deciding on how to allocate and bill customers for resources. If you have a network, e.g., a dvPortGroup that is dedicated to a single customer, you can put it in a separate zone. It allows you to define which customers can use this VLAN only by adding it to the customers' bucket.

Therefore, you can reorganize your networks and data stores into multiple zones. Reorganization should be performed prior to importing or creating virtual servers in your OnApp environment.

The following steps explain how to do this for networks. You can follow the same instructions for data stores.

Ensure there are no virtual servers in OnApp connected to the networks you wish to move into new zones. Otherwise, OnApp Support can help you remove those virtual servers from OnApp safely without deleting them.

To organize networks into a new zone:

  1. Detach the networks from a compute resource.
  2. Unassign the networks from the existing network zone.
  3. Create a new zone and assign the networks.
  4. Attach the networks to the vCenter compute resource again.

Repeat the above steps for all required networks and data stores. Ensure you have added the new zones to the relevant bucket.