Customers using NFS 4 share may experience issues with ID mappings between the NFS server and client.


Use one of the following workarounds to fix this issue:

   • NFSv3

  1. Switch to the NFSv3.
  2. Make sure that both NFS servers have the same domain name by running the following command:

    # dnsdomainname

   • NFSv4

  1. Open the /etc/idmap.conf file.

  2. Uncomment and set the domain variable from the Global section. For example, set the NFS domain to onapp:

    #Verbosity = 0
    # The following should be set to the local NFSv4 domain name
    # The default is the host's DNS domain name.
    Domain = onapp

    • If you are not using a dedicated backup server in your cloud setup, configure the NFS server with the following options to preserve the files owner and group settings during template unpacking on the NFS storage, otherwise it may cause permission errors during provisioning:  

  1. no_root_squash
  2. no_all_squash