How can I force users to use SSL to secure their HTTP access?


OnApp 5.x, 6.x


1. Edit the file /etc/httpd/conf.d/onapp.conf within the VirtualHost 80 section by adding a redirect directive to your domain as HTTPS. 


Redirect permanent /

2. Restart httpd

service httpd restart

This change will make HTTP requests be redirected to HTTPS and the connection will be secured.

Additional Information

As a default certificate is self-signed and shows a warning in most browsers, you may need to configure a custom SSL for your Control Panel. Refer to the SSL Certificates page.
The onapp.conf file can be overwritten on upgrade/patch installation.  It is recommended to keep a backup of this file after making customization.

HTTPS redirection can be implemented in a few different ways in Apache. For more information, refer to