My cloud has been installed/updated and I would like to test the functions of the cloud. What tasks can I run to confirm that it works?


All versions of OnApp 


These are some ideas for testing the cloud functionality:

  1. Create a Linux-based virtual server and check if it is accessible via ssh and console.
  2. Take a backup of the new virtual server.
  3. Restore the backup to the new virtual server.
  4. Change IPs on the virtual server. Rebuild the network. Check if it is accessible.
  5. Add a firewall rule to DROP port 22. Check if you can still ssh to the virtual server (you shouldn't be able to).
  6. Change the default firewall rule to DROP - check ping (you shouldn't be able to).
  7. Change the firewall rules back to the default ones.
  8. Migrate the virtual server to a different compute resource (preferably hot migrate, if available)
  9. Destroy the new virtual server.

If your cloud depends on some tasks, such as provisioning Windows-based virtual servers, using a certain template, load balancers, etc., you can add some test cases for your specific needs as well.