CDN Setup Wizard

This section contains a comprehensive guide through the CDN Setup wizard. The wizard is used to enable and configure the CDN service. Follow the stages of the wizard as instructed on the screen to configure a CDN portal. To make any changes after setup is complete, rerun the CDN wizard.

User should have the following permissions enabled to run the CDN setup wizard:

  • Update any Role
  • See all Roles
  • Create a new edge group

The setup cycle consists of 3 steps:

You can rerun the wizard after the initial configuration as many times as you need.

To start the CDN wizard:

  1. Go to your Control Panel's CDN Edge Servers menu.
  2. Click the CDN Setup Wizard button to begin the CDN setup wizard.
  3. Proceed the steps in wizard, as described below.

Step 1 of 3. Permissions

  • Set the CDN permissions for the user role to enable CDN for your clients. Select a Client role from the drop-down list to enable the required permissions. You can enable CDN permissions for additional groups later via Users and Groups menu.
  • Enable CDN resources permissions for the Administrator role. In case you have multiple roles assigned to your account, select the role from the drop-down list.
  • Click Next.
Be careful not to assign Administrator role to a Client shared role.
You may skip the permissions section if you have set permissions before.
Users will not be able to purchase and manage their CDN resources unless they are enabled for their role.

Step 2 of 3. CDN edge groups

  • Give your edge group a unique label. For example, you can create an Edge group called "North America" and add to it your North American POPs. You will be able to define additional groups later under the Users and Groups menu.
  • Choose the available locations from the Available Locations list. To add a location, click the '+' button next to the location you wish to add to the group.
  • Click Next.

Step 3 of 3. Billing

  • Assign the CDN edge group to the billing plan from the drop-down list.
  • Specify the price per GB of CDN usage (traffic used by your clients on the locations within the edge group).
    You will be able to assign additional edge groups with different prices to the selected billing plan later, using a Users and Groups menu. 
Any customer assigned to the selected billing plan will be able to create a CDN service, powered by the Edge Group locations at the defined price.
  • After you have finished configuring the CDN edge group properties, click the CDN Dashboard button to head back to the Dashboard or click Create Edge Group button to quit the CDN setup wizard.

After CDN is set up, synchronization between CDN and OnApp is run every 20 minutes. If synchronization fails because of CDN Sync Runner issues, cloud administrator will receive the notification. To solve this issue cloud administrator can check CDN Sync Runner status via OnApp Control Panel > Sysadmin > Sysadmin tools tab.