Billing Plans

The Billing Plans menu provides the details of the billing plan for which you are currently signed up.

To view the billing plan details:

  1. Go to your Control Panel's Billing Plans menu.
  2. Click the billing plan label.
  3. The page that loads will show the following details:
  • Label - your billing plan name.
  • Monthly price –  a monthly price for the billing plan. This price will be applied regardless of the actual prices for used resources.
  • Currency - a currency you're charged in.

    Windows licensing support settings:

  • MAK licensing - shows if the MAK licensing is enabled
  • KMS licensing - shows if using KMS service is allowed
  • User license - shows if inserting custom licenses is possible

Company Billing Plans

This functionality is available for users with the vCloud Organization Administrator role.

 Company billing plan is a set of limits and prices for the resources used by vCloud Director organizations imported as user groups into OnApp.  Company billing plan functionality is applicable for three models of resources allocation of vCloud Director resource pools - Pay-As-You-Go, reservation pool and allocation pool.  

As a user with the vCloud Organization Administrator role, you can only view own company billing plan.