Set up New Customers

This page provides an overview of how to onboard a new customer for VMware vCloud Director, using OnApp. The procedure consists of the following steps:

1. Create an Organization

The first step is to create a new organization in OnApp. OnApp refers to organizations as user groups. During the creation process you need to enable the Assign to vCloud option and select the billing plan and the vCloud Director compute resource for the new organization. There a two possible options when creating an organization in OnApp:

  • create a new organization with default billing plan and all roles
  • create a new organization with different billing plan(s) and customizable role's set

2. Create a User

Next you need to create a new end user account. During the creation process select the organization (user group) you've added (Step 1). You also need to select a vCloud Director role for the user from the drop-down list.

3. Deploy Resources

Once the organization and user have been created, the end user will be able to log in to OnApp. The final step is to provide resources for the new user. There are several ways of doing that:

  • Use a pre-defined Orchestration Model. Orchestration Models are a quick way to get started, as they deploy a resource pool, organization network(s) and storage policies in one wizard.
  • Allow the customer to log in with no pre-defined  resources. They can deploy a resource pool and organization networks from the vCD sidebar in the OnApp Control Panel.
  • Deploy resources on behalf of your customer via vCloud Director. They will automatically synchronize with OnApp via RabbitMQ.