View User Group

If you are using vCloud Director features imported into OnApp, the User Groups menu will contain the list of vCloud Director organizations.

To view user groups:

  1. Go to your Control Panel's Groups menu.
  2. Click a group's label to see all the roles and billing plans assigned to the questioned group.
  3. Click the number of users to see the list of users assigned to this user group.

For vCloud Director Organizations the following parameters are displayed on the user group details page:

  • Roles - the list of roles, assigned to users of the user group
  • Billing plans - the billing plan assigned to this user group
  • Monthly fee-  the money amount which has to be paid on a monthly basis according to company billing plan
  • Paid Amount - the already paid money amount
  • Total Amount - the total money amount according to company billing plan
  • Outstanding Amount - the money amount which has to be paid ( total amount minus paid amount)
  • Payments - click this link to see the list of payments. To manage payments, go to the Billing > Payments menu. For more info refer to the Create and Manage Payments section of this guide.
  • Monthly bills - click this link to see the list of monthly bills
  • Service Addons Stats - click this link to see the service add-on billing statistics and total amount. That will show the amount due for the service add-on usage for all the users in the group that have assigned the service add-ons to their VSs.
  • Resource Pools - the list of the resource pools associated with the organization.