Manage Services

Now you can manage pre-installed services, available on your application server. You can view the list of services, start, stop or restart it.

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View services


To view services of your application server:

  1. Go to your Application server > Applications > Services.
  2. You will get the list of services together with their details:
    • Name - the name of the service
    • Service name - the name of the service in the system
    • Status - the service status (running, stop)
    • Clicking the Actions icon will show actions which you can perform with services (start, stop, restart)

Start/Stop/Restart services


To manage services:

  1. Go to your Application server > Applications > Services.
  2. Click the Actions icon next to the service you want to manage and press Start, Stop or Restart.
  3. The corresponding transaction will be fulfilled.