Delete User

Completely deleting a user from the system is a two-step process.

When you delete vCloud Director users in OnApp, they are completely erased in the vCloud Director.


Step 1. Deleting users and their resources.

To delete a user:

  1. Go to your Control Panel's Users and Groups menu. You'll see a list of all user accounts in your cloud.
  2. Click the Actions icon next to the user you want to remove, then choose Delete. A confirmation window with the warning that all resources associated with the user will be removed as well will appear. Click the Confirm button. The additional window pops up with the requirement to enter the admin password. Enter the password and click Confirm.

    To enable confirmation of user deletion by means of password go to Control Panel's Settings menu > Configuration > Defaults tab and move the Enable password protection on user deleting slider to the right. Otherwise, the password protection will be disabled by default.

After this process all user's resources will be deleted, however, the user and their statistics will remain in the cloud. Recipes that run on other user's resources are not deleted after their owners are removed. These recipes can be accessed via Recipes > Unowned recipes menu. User with global permissions can become an owner of any of the unowned recipes by choosing Actions > Become an owner.


Step 2. Erasing the user.

The deleted user will appear in the users list with the deleted status. The cloud administrator can completely erase the user from the cloud by performing the following procedure:

  1. Go to your Control Panel's Users and Groups menu. You'll see a list of all user accounts in your cloud.
  2. Click the Actions icon next to the user you want to delete, then choose Erase. You'll be asked for confirmation before the user is erased.