Create User

To add a new user:

  1. Go to your Control Panel's Users and Groups menu. You'll see a list of all user accounts in your cloud.
  2. Click the Create User button at the bottom of the list.
  3. Fill in the user creation form step by step:

    Step 1 of 4

    • Move the Use Gravatar slider to the right to use the gravatar image.
    • Login name - provide user login name. It can consist of 2-40 characters, letters [A-Za-z], digits [0-9], dash [ - ], lower dash [ _ ], [@]. You can use both lower- and uppercase letters. For vCloud Director users this will be the user's vCloud Director e-mail.

    • First name - specify user first name. It can consist of any 1-20 characters.
    • Last name - specify user last name. It can consist of any 1-20 characters.
      For vCloud Director users, the First name and Last name comprise the user's full name in vCloud Director .
    • Email address - specify user email. For vCloud Director users, this will be the user's email in the vCloud Director database.
    • Time zone - select the required time zone from the drop-down box.
    • Locale - specify user locale settings by selecting the appropriate locale from the drop-down box(see Locales section for details).
    • Password - specify user password and confirm it. The password can consist of 6-40 characters and must meet the password complexity requirements. For vCloud Director users, this will be the user's vCloud Director password.
    • Repeat password - repeat user password
    • Additional info - fill in a custom field, created using Additional fields functionality, with corresponding information
    • Display infoboxes - move the slider to the right to display guidance infoboxes for the user.
    • Click Next.

      The vCloud Director Phone and IM fields will be left blank when the user is created via OnApp.

      The value 'unlimited' will be set automatically for the vCloud Director All VMs quota and Running VMs quota fields.

    Step 2 of 4

    • User role - select the user role for this user. For vCloud Director users, select one of the vCloud Director roles.
    • User group - assign user to the user group by selecting the required user group from the drop-down box. For vCloud Director users, assign a user to vCloud Director Organization(s). If you select several user groups the user will belong to several organizations at the same time and have access to the resources of these organizations. 
    • Click Next.

    Step 3 of 4

    • Assign user to the billing plan by selecting the required billing plan from the drop-down box. 
    • Click Next.

    Step 4

    • Specify Auto-suspending options if any. You can configure the system to suspend a user at a definite time or in several hours after creation.

      If you set Suspend settings for a user, the suspend action at OnApp will disable the user in vCloud Director.

  4. Click the Save button to finish.