User Accounts

There are two types of accounts in OnApp: administrators and users. An administrator account is created automatically when OnApp is installed. Administrators have full access to the system, including managing virtual servers and Compute resources, performing actions on templates and backups, and configuring data stores and networks. There can be several administrators in OnApp.
User accounts are created by administrators, and only have access to those actions which are specified by an administrator.

vCloud Director Users

You can create vCloud Director users in OnApp. This process will add a user both to vCloud Director and OnApp. The user creation form is standard for OnApp, the fields that will synchronize user data with vCloud Director are: Login,PasswordUser RoleUser GroupFirst and Last Name, and Email.

After you add a user, the change will be synchronized to vCloud Director. When you assign the vCloud Director user that you add in OnApp to an Organisation (user group), you define the resources the new user will have access to. 

The following user related actions are available via OnApp: