View Template Details

The Control Panel's Templates List menu lists all of the templates available on your system, their version number, the Operating System they install, whether swap disk is allowed, and whether you can adjust their CPU cores/priority & RAM without rebooting a virtual server based on that template ("resize without reboot").
The templates are organized into four tabs:

  • System templates - the OS images provided by OnApp.
  • My templates - the list of custom templates created by the user who is currently logged in. 
  • User templates - the list of templates converted by all users in the cloud from VS backups. To see user templates, make sure the See User Templates permission is enabled.

  • Inactive templates - the templates that are currently unavailable to build VS on.

To see which virtual servers are based on a specific template:

  1. Go to your –°ontrol Panel's Templates > Templates List menu to bring up the list of templates.
  2. Click the template's label (name) in the list.