vCloud Director Storage Policies

vCloud Director provider storage policies are imported into OnApp and appear in the OnApp UI as data store zones. Whereas storage policies are imported as data stores. These data stores are assigned to the data store zones which are the provider storage policies with which the storage policies are associated. Storage policies are not only imported but can also be created in OnApp

Storage policies are created in OnApp in the following cases:

  • during orchestration model deployment. The newly created storage policies will be associated with the provider storage policies set in data store options.
  • during resource pool creation and modification. The newly created storage policy will be associated with the provider storage policy set on the resource pool page or creation form.

You can select storage policies during vApp creation. 

You can create, edit and delete storage policies when managing resource pools. For more information refer to Resource Pools.

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View Storage Policies


To view storage policies:

  1. Go to your Control Panel > Settings > Data Stores menu.
  2. On the screen that appears, you will see the list of all data stores within a cloud and their details:
    • label - the name of the storage policy
    • identifier - the identifier of the storage policy
    • data store zone - the data store zone to which the storage policy is assigned
    • disk usage - number of GB used by the VS disks assigned to this storage policy
    • disk capacity - the disk capacity of this storage policy. If disk capacity for this storage policy is unlimited, the value will be '99999 GB'.

  3. Click the label of the storage policy you are interested in to view the disks and VSs associated with this storage policy.

You can also view the list of storage policies assigned to a certain resource pool at Control Panel > Resource Pools > Label. On this page can add new storage policies or edit/delete the existing ones.


View Data Store Zone


To view data store zone:

  1. Go to your Control Panel > Settings > Data Store Zones menu.
  2. On the screen that appears, you will see the vCloud Director data store zone. If you want to edit its label, click the Actions button and then click Edit
  3. Click the label of the data store zone to view the storage policies assigned to this data store zone.