Delete Disks

To delete a disk:

  1. Go to your Control Panel's Settings > Disks menu.
  2. Click Actions > Delete button next to a disk to delete it. You'll be asked for confirmation before the disk is removed. All backups for this disk will be removed too.

Disk Wipe

OnApp Cloud provides two ways to clean VS data when deleting or migrating a VS's disk. By default, OnApp Cloud will format the physical disk space used by a virtual server when that VS's virtual disk is deleted, or when the VS disk is migrated to another data store.

You can also choose to wipe/format a VS's disk (filling it with zeroes) by changing a configuration setting on the OnApp Control Panel server.  To enable this behavior:

  1. Log in as root on your OnApp Control Panel server.
  2. Edit the following configuration file: /onapp/interface/config/on_app.yml and set the wipe_out_disk_on_destroy parameter to true.
  3. Restart OnApp service:  service onapp restart.

The wipe_out_disk_on_destroy value is set to FALSE by default. If you wish to return disk wiping behaviour to the default setting (formatting rather than zeroing disks), simply edit the config file and set the value to FALSE again.