Create LVM Data Store

To create a data store:

  1. Go to your Control Panel Settings menu.
  2. Click the Data Stores icon.
  3. Click the Create Data Store link at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Follow the steps in the creation wizard:

    Step 1 of 2. Properties

    • Label - choose a name for the data store
    • IP address - enter an IP address for your data store
    • Data store type - select the lvm data store type
    • Enabled - move the slider to the right to enable the data store. When disabled, OnApp will not allow new disks to be created automatically on that data store. This is useful to prevent an established data store from becoming too full. It also lets you prevent the automatic creation of root disks on 'special' data stores (high speed, etc).
    • Click Next.

    Step 2. Resources

    • Disk Capacity - set disk capacity in GB
    • Local Compute resource - if required, you can also bind the data store with a local Compute resource. This is helpful if you wish that the data store and a Compute resource were located on the same physical server thus decreasing the time needed for a Compute resource-data store connection.
    • Data Store Zone - if required, you can also assign the data store to a data store zone. The drop-down menu lists all data store zones set up in the cloud (to add or edit data store zones, see Data Store Zones Settings).

  5. When you've finished configuring the store, click the Create Data Store button.

To use the data store, you have to assign it either to a Compute resource or a Compute zone.