Edit Network

To change the name, VLAN or network zone of an existing network:

  1. Go to your Control Panel's Settings menu.
  2. Click the Networks icon.
  3. Click the Actions button next to the network you want to change, then click Edit.
  4. On the screen that follows, change the details of the network:
    • Label - the name of the network. The network label is simply your choice of a human-readable name – "public", "external", "1Gb", "10Gb" etc.
    • VLAN - a VLAN number. The VLAN field only needs to be given a value if you are tagging the IP addresses you will add to this network with a VLAN ID (IEEE 802.1Q). If you plan to tag IP addresses in this way, you need to make sure the link to the public interface on the Compute resources is a trunked network port. If you are not VLAN tagging addresses, this field can be left blank and the public port on the Compute resource can be an access port. 
    • Network Zone - assign the network to a network zone if required. 
  5. Click the Save Network button to save the changes.