View Compute Zone Details

To view details of a Compute zone:

  1. Go to your Control Panel's Settings menu and click the Compute Zones icon.
  2. Click the label of the zone you're interested in. The screen that follows shows details of that zone:

    • Label - Compute zone’s name.
    • Location group - location group where this zone is located.
    • Max VS to start at once - the maximum number of VSs which can run simultaneously in this zone.
    • Placement typethe Compute resource selection algorithm, which will be used on virtual server provisioning and recovery.
    • Failover timeouttime period for which the iterations will run during the failover if the Compute resource does not respond.
    • Release resource typeshows which option is set for over-commiting RAM, CPU and CPU shares. 
    • Assigned Compute resourcesthe list of Compute resources assigned to the zone.
    • Unassigned Compute resources - the list of Compute resources in the cloud that are not assigned to the zone.