Add Compute Resource to Compute Zone

To add a Compute resource to a zone:

  1. Go to your Control Panel's Settings menu and click the Compute Zones icon.
  2. Click the label of the zone you want to add a Compute resource to. The screen that appears will show you all Compute resources in the cloud, organized into two lists – those assigned to the zone already, and those that are unassigned.
  3. In the unassigned list, find the Compute resource you want to add to the zone and click the Actions button next to it, then click Add.

1) We strongly recommend that you avoid creating mixed Compute zones:

  • do not add CloudBoot and static boot Compute resources to one Compute zone
  • do not add both XEN and KVM Compute resources to one zone
  • do not mix CentOS5 XEN and CentOS6 XEN CloudBoot compute resources in one zone

The reason is that when the zones are mixed the VSs cannot migrate/failover to another type of compute resource.

2) Be careful when adding new compute resources to compute zone with CPU flags configured. For more information refer to the Manage Extended CPU Flags for Compute Zone section of this guide.