Create Accelerator

Accelerator is a new type of VS, which is built from specific template and is aimed to serve as a router for traffic between CDN core and CDN-enabled Virtual Servers. You can further enable accelerator for a VS to speed up the traffic flow running for this particular server.

To create an accelerator:

  1. Ensure that accelerator permissions are enabled before you create an accelerator. For more information refer to the Permissions page.
  2. Go to your Control Panel's Accelerators menu and click the "+" button, or click the Create Accelerator button at the bottom of the screen. This will start a  creation wizard.
  3. Fill in the wizard step by step. Each of these steps is described in the corresponding sections below.
  4. Click the Create Accelerator button to start the creation process. You will be taken to the accelerator details screen.

Below you can find requirements for Accelerator creation:

  • Minimum: 4 cores, 4GB RAM and 100GB disks
  • Recommended: 8 cores, 16 GB RAM and 1TB disks
  • SSD recommended to avoid slowing down access

For information on how to bill your end users for applying acceleration to VSs, refer to Set User Billing Plan Prices And Resource Limits.

On this page:

Accelerator functionality is supported for HTTP and HTTPs protocols. 

Step 1 of 4. Cloud Locations

The Cloud Locations step applies to those users who have compute zones assigned to location groups in their billing plan.

If the user's billing plan has several compute zones, some of which are assigned to location groups, whereas others are not - the cloud locations screen will not be available in the wizard. In this case the wizard will start with the Properties step. 

Indicate your accelerator's cloud location:

  • Country -  choose the country, where the cloud is located, from the drop-down menu.
  • City - specify the city, where the cloud is located, from the drop-down menu.

Click Next to proceed to the following step of the wizard to specify the accelerator properties.

If your cloud has sufficient resources, but the Next button is dimmed during accelerator creation, the reason might be a browser issue. For more information, refer to our Knowledge base article.

Step 2 of 4. Properties

Specify the following accelerator properties:

  • Label - the label of the accelerator
  • Compute Zone - the compute zone to build the accelerator on.
  • Compute resource - the specific compute resource to build the accelerator on. Only Xen and KVM compute resources are supported.  

Click Next to proceed to the following step of the wizard to specify the accelerator resources.

Step 3 of 4. Resources

Define the resources for your accelerator:

  • RAM - set the amount of accelerator's RAM.
  • CPU Cores - set the amount of accelerator's CPU cores. For KVM Compute resources, this parameter sets CPU sockets by default, unless CPU topology is enabled.
  • CPU Priority (or CPU Units) - set accelerator's CPU priority. If the CPU units are switched on in the billing plan for this user, then CPU priority is replaced with CPU units. Refer to Billing Calculation section for details on CPU units and CPU priority.

The following options are available for VSs based on KVM Compute resources only, providing the Enable CPU topology permission is switched on for the user.

  • Use CPU Topology - move the slider to the right, to set the following parameters:
    • CPU Sockets - set the amount of sockets.

    • CPU Threads - set the amount of threads per core. 

Primary Disk

  • Data Store Zone - choose a data store zone for accelerator's primary disk.
  • Primary disk size -  set the primary disk size.

Network Configuration

  • Network Zone - choose a network zone from the drop-down box. Only one accelerator is supported per network.
  • Selected IP address - assign an IP address for the accelerator from the drop-down menu. Only public IP Address can be chosen.
  • Show only my IP address - tick this checkbox to view only own IP addresses in the IP addresses dropbox.
  • Port Speed - set the port speed for this accelerator (or tick the checkbox  below to set unlimited port speed)

During Accelerator creation special ID is created which is allocated to IP Address.

Click Next to proceed to the following step of the wizard.

Step 4 of 4. Confirmation

At this step, configure the automation settings. This is the final step of the accelerator creation wizard.

Move the Build Accelerator slider to the right if you want the system to automatically build the accelerator. 

After you set up these parameters, click the Create Accelerator button to start the creation process.

After you create an accelerator, you can enable acceleration for new or existing VSs.