CDN Accelerator

OnApp introduces a new type of virtual server -  Accelerator. Accelerator empowers any websites/VS hosted on OnApp Cloud to use CDN with just one single button without any modification. Accelerator gives your customers all the benefits of a global CDN without any of the hassle of configuring and maintaining a CDN platform. Accelerator requires no modifications to the web applications running on virtual servers. All optimization is entirely automatic, and using minification & lossless compression of pages, scripts and images, will not modify or reduce the quality of the source content. 

Accelerator is a new type of VS, which is built from specific template and is aimed to serve as a router for traffic between CDN core and CDN-enabled Virtual Servers. 

  • Ensure that RabbitMQ is configured for proper Accelerator usage.
  • For acceleration usage you should enable CDN Acceleration for your cloud in the OnApp customer dashboard (contact OnApp Support if you don’t have dashboard access). So, if customer license has Accelerator enabled - accelerator functionality is enabled by default.
  • Only HTTP and HTTPS is supported. Other protocols will be passed through to the VS directly.
  • In order to route the VS’s traffic, the VS must be on the same network with the Accelerator.

 A schematic of the process architecture is shown below: