View Schedules

To view the list of all schedules:

  1. Go to your Control Panel's Settings menu.
  2. Click the Schedules icon to see a list of all schedules on the system along with their details:
    • Date - time when the schedule was created
    • Target - server or disk for which the schedule was created (depending on the backup type)
    • Action - scheduled action
    • Duration - how frequently the backup will take place according to the period set. For example, duration of 2 and a period of days will take a backup every 2 days
    • Period - backup period: days, weeks, months or years
    • Rotation period  - number of backups after which the first backup will be deleted

      This parameter is applicable to incremental backups only!
      Despite of the input value, for normal backups (when Disk is the target) rotation period is always 1. Thus, only 1 normal auto-backup with specific frequency, period and target will be stored in the system.

    • Next Start - time of the next backup
    • User - user who created the backup schedule
    • Status - schedule status

  3. To view schedules of a particular server, see: