Edit Backup Server

To edit a backup server:

  1. Go to your Control Panel's Settings menu and click the Backup Servers icon. 
  2. On the screen that appears, you'll see the list of all backup servers currently set up in the cloud. Click the Actions button next to the backup server you want to edit, then click Edit to change the backup server's properties:
    • Label - the name of the backup server
    • IP address - the backup server IP address (IPv4)
    • Backup IP address - provisioning network IP address
    • Capacity (in GB) - the backup server capacity

    • Backup server zone - the backup server zone to which this backup server is assigned

      It is possible to move backup servers only between backup server zones of the same type.

    • Enabled – move this slider to the right to enable the backup server or to the left to disable the backup server 

      Note that disabling a backup server affects backups and virtual server provisioning as follows:


      • You cannot create new backups on this backup server anymore.
      • Backups that were created before disabling the backup server remain on this BS.
      • You can restore virtual servers from backups available on this backup server.
      • You can convert virtual server backups to templates.


      • The virtual server provisioning is not available on this backup server except for the following case.
      • If a template is located only on this backup server, provisioning of virtual servers based on this template is still performed on this backup server.
  3. Click the Save Backup server button to save changes.