Auto-backup Presets Settings

Auto-backup presets are a simple way to set up an automatic backup schedule when virtual servers are created. Once configured, they can be applied to a VS automatically when the Automatic Backups Required box is checked during VS creation.
A number of preset backup time periods are available (daily, weekly, monthly and annual backups) which are configured further by specifying how often each backup is taken. So, for example, you can set up automatic backups every 2 days, every 1 month, or even every 12 months (the same as every 1 year). Each type of backup can be enabled or disabled.

To view and edit auto-backup presets:

  1. Go to your Control Panel's Settings menu
  2. Click the Auto-backup Presets icon. You'll see a list of the presets available on the following screen, and whether they are enabled or not.
  3. To change a preset, click its Actions icon, then click Edit to change the following auto-backup preset details:
    • Duration
    • Period
    • Rotation period
    • Enabled
  4. Click the Save button to finish.
  5. To add more schedules, click Back.
The combination of Auto-backup Presets and Scheduled VS backups provides a great deal of flexibility in the way backups are handled for the cloud, and for individual VSs. Auto-backup Presets can be applied to all new VSs added to the cloud. Scheduled VS backups enable specific backups to be scheduled for individual VSs, outside of the auto-backup pattern.