Virtual Server Billing Statistics

OnApp has a record of all the charges applied to your VSs for the last three month period. If a virtual server was created less than three months ago, statistics are recorded for the VS's existence to date. You can view all statistics available, or those for a shorter period by setting a Start and End time.

When generating billing statistics, OnApp takes the last state of the VS during the hour. For example, if a VS was turned on at 6.15 and turned off at 6.59 it will be considered as being off for the whole hour and its resources will be billed according to the OFF prices set in the billing plan. However, the VS's disk and network interface usage can still be billed in case the VS was on during that hour.

To view billing statistics for a virtual server:

  1. Go to your Control Panel's Virtual Servers menu.
  2. Click the label of the virtual server you're interested in.
  3. Click the Overview -> Billing Statistics tab.
  4. You can filter the statistics by date and time - select the time period from the drop-down menu and click the Apply button. By default the statistics are generated for the last three months or the actual VS existence period.
  5. Move the Show in my Timezone slider to the right if you want to view billing statistics according to your profile's timezone settings. By default, billing statistics is shown in UTC.
  6. On the page that appears:
    • Date – particular date and time for the generated statistics
    • Users – the virtual server owner. Click the owner name to see the User Profile (user details)
    • Virtual Servers – the virtual server name with the total due for VS resources (CPU priority, CPUs, memory and template resources) for the point of time specified in the Date column.
    • Network Interfaces Usage – the total due for the network interfaces used by this VS for the point of time specified in the Date column. Click the network interface name to see its details.
    • Disks Usage – the list of disks assigned to this VS with the total due for the "data_read", "data_written", "reads_completed", "writes_completed" resources for particular disk. The charges for the disk size resource are included into the Costs column.
    • Costs – the total due for the Virtual Servers, Network Interfaces and Disks resources at the point of time specified in the Date column.

Scroll down to see Total Amount (the total due for the whole billing statistics period).