Virtual Server Administrative Options

To manage a virtual server power options:

  1. Go to your Control Panel's Virtual Servers menu.
  2. Click the label of the required virtual server.
  3. Click the Tools button on the VS's screen to expand the VS Tools menu.
  4. The Tools menu enables you to perform the following administrative actions on VSs:
    • Reset Root Password - resets the root password for this VS (the password is displayed in VS Information).

      Particular characters are not allowed for Windows-based virtual servers:

      • percent sign [%]
      • double quotation marks [“]
      • brackets [<,>]
      • vertical bar [|]
      • caret [^]
      • ampersand [&]
      • parentheses [(,)]

    • Change Owner - pops up a dialogue box with a drop-down of all users on the system, enabling you to pass ownership of the VS to the user selected from the list. If you have any recipes or backups for this VS, you will be also prompted to confirm if the recipe/backup should be moved to another user.
  • If you want to change an owner of the VS, which was built using an instance package, ensure that the new owner has permission to create VS using instance package and appropriate instance package in the billing plan. Otherwise you will not be able to change the ownership of this VS.
  • Note that you cannot change the ownership of a recipe which you do not own, even if it is assigned to your virtual server.

    • Set SSH keys –assigns SSH keys of the admin and a VS owner to the VS. If a VS owner does not have any SSH keys, the system will only assign admin keys.