Edit Compute Resource Details

You can edit Compute resource details (its label, type, IP address and so on) via the Compute resource details screen, or through the Control Panel's Settings > Compute resources menu (see Compute resources Settings section for details: the editing functionality is the same whichever method you choose.)

To edit Compute resource details:

  1. Go to your Control Panel's Compute resources menu (or click a Compute zone name underneath it). On the screen that appears you'll see a list of Compute resources.
  2. Click a Compute resource's name (label).
  3. Click the Tools button, then click Edit Compute resource.
  4. On the screen that follows, change details as required:

    • The Compute resource's name (label)
    • Compute resource type
    • Its IP address
    • Backup IP address
    • CPU units
    • Whether it's enabled or not (Compute resources that are not enabled cannot be used to host VSs)
    • Move the slider to the right to collect statistics for the Compute resource.
    • Move the slider to the right to disable failover. Compute resource failover means VS migration to another Compute resource if the Compute resource on which it is running goes offline.

      • When you assign Compute resource to the new Compute zone without any Compute resources, the disable failover zone’s parameter automatically takes the value of  the Compute resource.

      • When all Compute resources within the zone have the same value, the Compute zone’s disable failover status will be the same, otherwise the Compute resources zone’s failover status will be set to disabled.

      • When you change the Compute zone’s disable failover value, this change will be applied to all Compute resources within this zone.

    • Power Cycle command

  5. Click the Save button to save your changes.

You can also edit your Compute resources in the Control Panel's Settings menu. Refer to the Settings section of this guide for more details.