View Application Servers

To view an application:

  1. Go to your Control Panel's Application Servers menu.
  2. The page that loads will show the list of application servers together with their: 
    • Operating system
    • Label. Click the label to see details.
    • IP Addresses
    • Disk Size
    • RAM
    • Backups - the number of backups and the space these backups take.
    • Compute Resource - the label of compute resource with which application server is associated
    • User- the owner of this application server. Click the user name to see the owner details.
    • Power status. Click the on/off buttons to change the status

  3. Click the Actions button next to the application server for the quick access to the list of application server actions (the list of actions displayed depends on the application server status):
    • Reboot 
    • Recovery reboot
    • Shutdown
    • Startup
    • Recovery startup
    • Unlock

To search for a particular application server, click the Search icon at the top of the application server list. When the search box appears, type the text you want to search for and click the Search button: