View Application Server Details

To view details of a specific application server:

  1. Go to your Control Panel's Application Servers menu.
  2. Click the label of the application server you're interested in.
  3. The screen that appears loads the application server properties, application list, notes, activity log and tools for managing your application server.

Application Server Properties

Application server properties page gives general overview of the server details:

  • Template this server is built on
  • Power status & On/Off/Reboot buttons.

    Clicking the OFF button performs graceful shutdown and then powers off the application server after the timeout set in Configuration settings.

  • Hostname
  • Compute resource. Click the compute resource name to see its details
  • Login credentials
  • Owner. Click the owner name to see its details.
  • Price per hour
  • Memory
  • CPU(s)
  • CPU priority or CPU units
  • Disk Size
  • Disk backups
  • Network Speed
  • IP Addresses. Only the first five IP addresses are displayed on the application server properties page. To view the list of all application server IP addresses, mouse over IP addresses area or go to the Networking > IP addresses tab.
  • Auto-backups - move the slider to enable/disable automatic backups for this application server. If the incremental backups are enabled in your cloud, you can set auto-backups per application server rather than per disk.

    If the automation options weren’t enabled during this application server creation, you’ll be redirected to the form where you can configure them.
  • Autoscale - move the slider to enable/disable the autoscaling rules set for this AS.

    • Until the autoscaling rules are configured the autoscaling itself will not start working.
    • If the Autoscale slider is greyed out that means that you have reached the autoscaling limit in billing plan (or the max is set as 0).


In this section you can see the list of all applications deployed on this server.


The Notes section lists brief comments or reminders for an application server. You can add either Admin's or User's notes. The Admin's note will be available to cloud administrators. Click the Actions button in the Notes section of the page to add admin's or user's note.

Application Server Management

  • Click the Tools button to expand the Tools menu with the application server management options .
  • Use the top menu to manage your application servers' statistics/networking/storage options.