Application Server Billing

Applications are deployed on application servers, which are created based on the default Application Server template. This Application Server template is provided as a system template. Based on this, you can arrange applications as a paid resource for your end-users. For this, set the price per Application Server template per hour in Template store. So each server deployed on this template will be billed according to the price set.

To charge for application server:

  1. Add Application Server template  to required template group.
  2. Indicate price per template. Each time an application server is built on this specific template, the user will be charged the amount set per server per hour . 
  3. Specify the maximum number of application servers users can create in the User VS limits section of the billing plan. Also add mentioned above template group to limits for template store in the billing plan of appropriate user.
  4. When the relevant template group is added to the billing plan, user can deploy an application server.