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OnApp provides a full range of documentation on our products. This documentation at docs.onapp.com includes guides, manuals and release notes for the OnApp Cloud platform. Please leave a comment where you think we can improve this and we'll take it on board.

OnApp Cloud 5.0 LTS

  • Get Started
  • Detailed instructions how to prepare, install, and upgrade your 5.0 cloud.
  • 5.0 Administration Guide
  • The Admin guide describes every Control Panel function, with useful tips for administrators.
  • 5.0 User Guide
  • Cloud administration guide for users with default user role permissions.
  • 5.0 API Guide
  • The OnApp API Guide has detailed API information, code and output examples.
  • Documentation Downloads
  • The OnApp guides in .pdf and .doc available for download.
  • Suggested Specifications
  • Hardware requirements and specifications for different installation types.

OnApp Cloud 5.5

Previous versions


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